Vistia Capital's team at work, inside an office at a desk talking to clients.

You Are More than Your Money

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding an investment partner, but it’s not always easy to find partners that leave you with more answers than questions, help you find unique investment opportunities that enrich your portfolio and the world, and bring you in on the deal.

We’re a boutique broker-dealer that leaves no stone unturned and works with you, not just with your money.

Real Estate Investment Services that Put Your Money to Work

Vistia Capital has a combined 50 years of investment experience among our team—we provide a wide range of white-glove real estate investment services that you won’t find anywhere else..

We believe in a transparent, people-first approach to investing that involves building long-lasting, real, personal relationships with our clients and taking on unique, creative, and profitable investments that leave the world a cleaner, greener place than we found it.

Managing Broker-Dealer

At Vistia Capital, our managing broker-dealer services are unique. We put our people to work for you to find product sponsors that are aligned with your goals and, unlike other firms, we raise the money. We do this to not only protect our investors, but to simplify the process and ensure that every deal has been done right. We keep every deal close, from raising the capital, to careful due diligence, our process and portfolio management is meticulous, and 100% transparent.

Vistia Capitals managing broker team at work at a desk talking to clients.
The trees and green moss of Calvert Cliffs Land Donation Option

Tax Saving Strategies and ESG Investing

At Vistia Capital, we excel in finding ways to preserve and protect wealth. We align our clients with focused investments that not only consider tax implications, but also align with your vision to support and conserve our natural resources. We take into account the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that are driving today’s tax-saving strategies, so you can achieve investment outcomes you can be proud of.

Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Compared to other forms of real estate investment, multifamily property offers the potential for higher rewards with less risk. Vistia Capital’s team of investment professionals can help you navigate opportunities within multifamily real estate investments in apartment complexes, condominiums, and other properties to improve your cash flow and boost your net operating income.

Outside photo of a colorful multi-family housing complex.